Repairing Pools

A swimming pool is one of the best facilities you can have on your property. It is an excellent place to entertain friends and families as well as cool off in the summer. But owning one is expensive. It is not only the building that is expensive; the maintenance and repairs are costly too. Here, we look at the process of repairing different damages that could happen to any pool.

Concrete Swimming Pool Repair

A concrete swimming pool will usually develop problems as it ages. The common problems include plaster peeling off, chipping, hollow spots, cracking, and worst of all, structural damage. Apart from structural damage, almost all the other problems can be fixed by the homeowner. As long as you have the right materials, right tools, and some know-how, you can repair some of these problems. Below are the repairs you can do on your concrete pool.

Crack Repair: You can carry out a crack repair on your swimming pool, whether empty or full. All you have to do is have the right tools, which include a concrete saw or grinder, safety gear, flat trowel, etc. All you have to do is to open the crack wide enough to clean out any algae in it. Once this is done, apply a sealer to the crack but leave enough space for plaster. Then, pour a well-mixed pool patch to the crack and press it tight to ensure it is compact and make sure it matches the other part of the pool. The pool patch for an empty pool is different from that of an underwater repair.

Other repairs you can do on your pool include plaster patching and complete replacement of the plastering.

Fiberglass Pool Repairs

A fiberglass pool is very durable and rarely develops problems. However, it can also develop cracks, bubbles, and blisters. Repairing small cracks in the fiberglass pool is relatively easy, but you will need to have a fiberglass repair kit. This can be gotten from your local supply and hardware store. When fixing these problems, you are unlikely to find the exact color match for the pool, so you have to settle for the closest.

The other major repair you can do for your fiberglass pool is to refurbish it. This is usually necessary when the pool begins to age and becomes faded. This could also come with cracks, patches, and overall imperfection of the surface. You can fix this by Gelcoat application or multiple layered fiber coatings. Both processes are done through spraying and best left for professionals.

Vinyl Pool Repairs

Vinyl pools usually develop rips and tears. This can be fixed by patching. There are various patching kits available which you can use both underwater or above. It is advisable to drain the pool before making the patch. You can also replace the vinyl liner yourself.


The key to repairing pools is proper preparation. Once you can get the right tools and materials, what is left is following a simple process to restore your pool.

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