Pros of a Concrete Hot Tub

Concrete is a fantastic building material that can be used for almost anything around the house. It works for everything, from pools in the yard to the walls and floors to the kitchen cabinets. Concrete has acquired a ubiquitous status around the house. One of the many things you can use concrete for is building hot tubs. Here, we look at the pros of building a hot tub with concrete.

A concrete hot tub is produced using gunite or shotcrete. They are both mixtures of sand, water, and cement with differences only in how their preparation and final mix. While the traditional hot tubs are factory-made and above ground, a concrete hot tub can be above or in-ground and are usually built to homeowner’s taste. When making the choice on which to go for, it is advisable to consider their features and other details like the price. A concrete hot tub is usually more expensive to build and can take some time before construction is over. You also have to consider the space you have. It does not take much space and can be a smaller alternative to a swimming pool where there’s less space. But it will require more space than the traditional hot tub depending on your specifications. These are the advantages of going with a concrete hot tub.

Aesthetics Benefits: When fixing a concrete hot tub, you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll fit into the landscape. You can have an in-ground or above ground hot tub made of concrete, and both sit well and pleasant wherever they are placed. You can also finish the hot tub with any material of your choice as its plaster is available in several options and colors that will wow you and your guests.

Custom-made: Unlike most hot tubs that come in clearly defined shapes and sizes. A concrete hot tub can be in any form and size you want it to be. The material can be customized into any design that comes into your head. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with this if you plan to sell off the house later. Functionality must go hand in hand with uniqueness. Also, you can add as many jets as you like to the pool.

Durability: This hot tub lasts the longest and has the best warranties. It is built to last for many years and stand the test of time. The concrete is usually reinforced with steel to make it more reliable, and the high initial cost brings considerable benefits in the end. Perhaps one of the things that makes it exceptionally durable is its ability to adapt to soil conditions. The soil is known to contract and expand with the weather conditions; a concrete spa can effectively withstand this pressure.

Extra features: You can easily integrate features such as speakers, waterfalls, lights, and even fountains with a concrete hot tub. This way, you can always outfit your hot with as many comforts you want.

For any advice on hot tub maintenance visit this link and continue to build on your hot tub knowledge.

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