How Swimming Pools Are Made for Hotels

A home swimming pool is usually a luxury, for a hotel, it is a necessity. Constructing one is a very technical work that requires professional builders, months of labor, and different permits. Here is a stage by stage explanation of what goes into building that fantastic swimming pool you admire. 

  1. Planning: in everything we do in life, planning is essential. It is even more crucial in construction as it can determine the success and failure of the project. The first thing to do when building a pool is to contact a professional builder. Many hotels usually try multiple builders before settling for one who understands their proposed project best and has the experience and resources to execute it at the most cost-efficient rate.
  2. Preparing the ground: once there is a plan and an agreement. The first thing is preparing the site for the pool by scraping the land, then leveling it.
  3. Stakeout: the shape and size of the pool is outlined and properly defined with stakes
  4. Excavate: the next step is digging the land outlined for the pool. After the digging, the edges and walls are squared off with a shovel.
  5. Lay bottom piping: the bottom pipes which will later become embedded in the soil are laid.
  6. Secure backing:  fiberglass steel mesh is used as backing by stapling it to the form. This ensures that the pool has a flat surface on the edges of its outer side after spraying the pool shell.
  7. Build rebar: steel reinforcements are added to strengthen the pool’s wall and floor.
  8. Light pots installation: the pool lights pots are to be installed and tested before spraying the shell
  9. Lay spa plumbing: if your pool has a spa with it, lay it side piping as some of the pipes will be enclosed in the shell.
  10. Spraying and forming the concrete shell: the concrete is sprayed and formed into the proposed design.
  11. Remove framework: the form is removed after the concrete has hardened.
  12. Fix the tiles: in doing this, one level of tile is fixed to the pool’s upper vertical edge to signify a transition from the coping stone to the surface.
  13. Lay the piping around the pool: all pipes carrying and returning water from chlorinator, pump, filter, etc. are fixed.
  14. Dig the footer: the footer is the foundation that supports the pool. It is a trench dug around it and reinforced with steel and bonding wires that tie the steel with the pool shell’s rebar. The trench is filled with concrete after this.
  15. Pool equipment installations:  the pumps, filters, chlorinator, air blower, and valves are fixed.
  16. Lay of the coping stone and paver
  17. Erect screening to protect your pool for wind and heat
  18. Install safety fence: this is usually mandatory for the protection of children.
  19. Apply the pool surface: the concrete surface is applied and smoothened.

Throughout the stages, the local building authorities usually inspect the construction to ensure compliance. There is an inspection after the pipes, and electrical connections are already in place, but before spraying the concrete. There are other inspections as well, and a final one after the completion of the pool.

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